Forty Five years ago my husband, Roland and I were married in a beautiful country church. I remember looking into his eyes, and thinking, this is for life, and the words I DO seemed so easy to say.
Little did I realize what the words I DO would mean?
Honey, the tractor is stuck in the mud. I need you to pull me out.
Another picnic in the field. We had more picnics in the first few years of our marriage, than most people have in their lifetime.
Farmer's days do not always go as they plan. I could tell when I pulled up in the pickup, (stick shift of course) if it would be best to smile and say hi, or let him unwind the days problems on me.
    In 1975, we decided to buy Rolling Acres Farm & Stable. All thought I had already learned to slop pigs, help pour concrete, drive almost every piece of farm machinery we owned, our new adventure turned out to be a whole new journey for the farmer and his farm wife.
     Rolling Acres Farm & Stable grew into one of the best attractions for families young and older to enjoy life on the farm. 
     The Rolling Acres Show Complex was booked almost every weekend out of the year. Horse Show, BMX Bike Races, Dog Shows, School Trips, Birthday Parties, & Weddings. And for thousands of families
it became the place to be.
     The Rolling Acres Country Craft Shows have always been the apple of my eye. I love craft shows..So Roland and I learned the ropes of the trade.
     The craft shows were held three times a year. At one time we had 300 exhibitors selling their crafts in the many buildings at Rolling Acres.
     As Roland & I grew younger, our daughter Mary Blackstone joined the family business. Of course, that meant Tuck; her husband would be called upon to help too. The Grandkids were close behind.
     Our grandchildren, Cody Allen, Cody Michele, and Kaci were so sad when we decided seven years ago to sell the Rolling Acres Show Complex. Little Kyra, was just a new born when we made our move.
     New house, barn, and new show grounds were part of the next part of our journey.
The family searched for six years to find the right facility for our September Rolling Acres Fall & Christmas Craft Show.
September 13th-14th-15th, 2013 we will hold our show at the Hartford Fairgrounds, Croton, Ohio.
We held our 2012 fall show at the Hartford Fairgrounds, and we cannot wait to return. IT WAS WONDERFUL!
     Our March shows are held at the Marion Fairgrounds. We have 100 exhibitors set up in one heated building. The fairgrounds comes alive as 'Spring Fills The Air'.
The family decided this year we would no longer hold Quarter Horse Shows. Our memories of the good old days at the Rolling Acres Show Complex will remain in our hearts forever.
     Hope to see all of you at the Rolling Acres Fall & Christmas Craft Show. September 13-14-15, 2013 - 200 Exhibitors located throughout the many barns. Location: Hartford Fairgrounds, Croton, Ohio
Happy Trails To Our Many Friends - Hope To See You All Soon,
Sherry Augspurger & Family